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As a lawyer and mediator, I have  profound knowledge in the areas of law, in which I have chosen to consult and practice in. 

It is my  wish to pursue a solution strategy tailored to your needs. 

If you would like to continue to have an economic or personal relationship with your legal opponents, an out-of-court conflict resolution can be a face-saving way. In this regard, I have special expertise as a mediator. 

Should it become necessary to enforce your rights in court, I will stand up for your rights. 


Whatever you decide, you can rely on me. Your success is also my success! 


Ebru Esmer-Yildiz 




Lecturer (HöMS)


About me 

I completed my law studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. During my studies I worked  for the Wallrabenstein professorship. In addition, as a leader of working groups, I was entrusted with teaching case practice to law students in their younger semesters. Following my university education, I began my legal clerkship at the District Court in Frankfurt am Main. During my legal clerkship, I completed my training in the tenancy law department of the Frankfurt District Court, at the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor's Office, and at a renowned law firm in the area of criminal/commercial criminal law. 


After my legal clerkship, I completed further training as a mediator. Furthermore, I gained profound knowledge in the field of data protection through further training as a data protection officer.  Subsequently, I worked as a contract manager in a large corporation and gained professional experience. My tasks included reviewing and processing international contracts as well as advising decision-makers on legal issues. I was able to gain further professional experience while working as a project lawyer. 

A special interest and passion for me is legal teaching. At the Hessian University of Applied Sciences, I work as a lecturer and teach future police officers in the subjects of criminal law and criminal procedure law, and I am involved in the training of police trainees. 

Consulting focus 

The following areas of law are among my special areas of advice and support. In those,I have special knowledge. 

Criminal Law

At the Hessian University of Applied Sciences, I teach and train police candidates in the subjects of criminal law and criminal procedure law. Criminal law is one of my special areas of expertise, in which I have in-depth knowledge. 

Family Law 

In the area of family law I advise you personally and competently. As a mediator, I am particularly trained in helping to resolve disputes out of court by conducting professional discussions. This cautious approach can be promising regarding intra-family conflicts. Should it be necessary to take legal action, I will represent your interests in a committed and tireless manner. 


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